Drain Clogs Leads to Emergency Need For Edmonton Plumbing Company


Your life might halt as usual with the plumbing emergency that has come up. If you are taking the right steps to fix them safely and quickly, we are here to tell you that inconvenient plumbing issues can be the best scenarios. When the issues go unchecked, it can cause some extensive damage to your home, and belongings are the worst scenario here. To make sure that you fix the recent issues preventing future ones to keep your family and dwelling safe the professional residential repairs with the help of the Edmonton plumbing company are the best way to go about.

Issues addressed by Edmonton plumbing Company

1. Frozen Pipes

To the pipes, the winters are quite brutal. There are proper steps that you can take once her wrath has targeted your plumbing although there is nothing that you will be able to do about Mother Nature.

The initial thing to do is to survey them search for the damages including the cracks, breaks or splits while you deal with the frozen pipes. Call your emergency plumber urgently if you see any.

2. Leaky Faucets

The rhythmic tick-tock of a leaky faucet is not music to our ears is what we all know.

There is no necessarily a reason to call in a plumber on an immediate basis and yet you should be making a note of it just in case it is a start to a bigger issue if one of your faucets has a slow leak.

3. Running or Leaky Toilets

As the toilet clogs are extremely common and plague all of us at some point or another as you need to keep a plunger handy. Most of the clogs can be handled with a few gentle pumps of a plunger luckily.

It is time to invite in a plumber if you are trying this method. As they can easily harm your pipes and you, never pour chemical clog removers down your toilet.

4. Clogs

Try out the gentle plunging to resolve the issue if you are experiencing slow but complete drainage. You can use a chemical drain cleaner depending on the area and severity if this does not dislodge the clog.

With the newer pipes, chemical cleaners are fine as a seldom-used solution on clogs. Make sure that it is one meant for the specific type of drain and clog if you choose to use a drain cleaner. For the toilet clogs, you should avoid using them.

5. Disposals

They often times acts up as the disposals can see a lot of action. Most of the issues can be fixed in a few short steps since most of them are minor issues.

It has likely shut off if your disposal is whirring. It should be causing a blockage since several models come with an automatic shut-off feature. Find the reset button on the base of your unit and push it till it can pop out in order to fix this.

6. Scalding Water

You probably have a water heater issue if you are noticing extremely hot water coming out of your sinks or shower. Mainly when the water is coming out of your faucets is hot enough to cause the burns, overheating can be quite dangerous for you and your family.

Turn off the water heater and run the hot water faucets throughout your home so that all of the heat will drain out leaving the cold water if you are experiencing this. Inspect the issue as you immediately call in a professional.

7. Leaky Water Heaters

It is not a good sign when it is a leaky heater. It might not be a drainage issue if your drip pan is over-filling and you are sure it is your heater leaking.

You need to schedule an appointment as you call in a local plumber.

To deliver water to your unit, shut off the waterline. It should be on the side or top of your heater that the valve should be located on.

Signs addressed by Edmonton plumbing company

You may be facing a sewage leak if your water smells rotten. As it is a sign that your septic tank, sump pump, or drainage is not working in a proper way, you need to immediately call in a plumber from the Edmonton plumbing company.

There is always the risk of contamination from dangerous elements as you try to handle this on your own. You need to get a professional inspection as soon as possible and it is something that is ideal.

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